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Lospa® IS™ Screw System

Monoaxial Screw.

The Lospa IS Spinal Fixation System from Corentec aspires to closely resemble human anatomy while both maximizing surgeon convenience and actively accepting the patient’s demand. Utilizing Lospa’s “intelligent spine” design, the surgeon can achieve strong fixation without complications, helping to prevent the discomfort patients often experience after undergoing procedures with high-profile fixation systems.

Specially designed thread

: Reverse threaded set screw

: Prevented set screw full out

: Enhanced locking strength

5.5mm or 6.0mm rod system

The Lospa IS Spinal Fixation System consists of various pedicle screws (monoaxial and polyaxial) with standard and guided type designs, and a rod and rod link with a set screw, the assembly of which is intended to provide temporary stabilization following surgery to fuse the spine.

Design Info

  • Shallow anterior flange

    : A more rounded femoral contour and a deepened patellar groove help deep flexion by reducing joint capsule overstuffing.

  • Single axis

    : Ligament isometry is achieved during 0°~90° flexion.

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