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Welcome to Corentec Co., Ltd

Inspiring Life Through Artificial Joints

Corentec is committed to innovation, Product Excellence, and total Customer Satisfaction. Our focus on these core values is fundamental to our Com-pany’s mission to contribute to a healthy and active society.

Dear Visitor,
True to our mission, Corentec Co., Ltd., is an innovative medical device technology Company that is dedicated to developing and marketing cut-ting-edge orthopedic implant solutions which are designed to assist surgeons and healthcare providers in their common quest to meet and exceed medical measures for optimal patient outcomes.
With international headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea, Corentec Co., Ltd., was founded in 2000 by World renowned academic leaders, scie-ntists, and orthopedic surgeons, each affiliated with leading university hospitals. In the spirit of collaboration, our founders have been stead-fast in devel-oping advanced artificial Hip and Knee Joints, Spinal Implants, and Bone Substitutes - orthopedic solutions which are rapidly becoming recognized around the World. As part of our growth strategy, in 2011, Corentec established an office in the United States. This office will serve as our headquarters for expansion in the dynamic North American marketplace.
Supported by our sought-after knowledge base, cutting-edge engineering capabilities, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, our Company offers an impressive portfolio of implants, each of which have been cleared, or are in the process of being cleared through clinical trials under the auspices of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.
Based on successful clinical trials, and excellent patient outcomes, Corentec first received market approvals from the MFDS in 2000.
With continuous collaboration among our team of recognized surgeons, and R&D engineers, Corentec has successfully developed implants and instruments that are recognized by our customers for high reliability, backed by positive feedback from patients, who have enjoyed positive post-surgery outcomes.
Building on our initial successes, Corentec is investing in technology, and pursuing enhancements in our manufacturing facility which features state-of-the-art streamlined systems and processes. This investment ensures that our Company will continue to have a robust product pipeline in the years ahead. In addition, our commitment to an aggressive product development strategy has been recognized by the Korean Government.

Our Company’s current product portfolio includes innovative solutions for Hip, Knee, Spine, as well as Bone SubstitutesLooking ahead, Corentec will devote extensive resources to serve our customers with a focus on five key principles:
1. Developing innovative Products and Solutions for the Hip, Knee, Spine and Bone Substitute Markets
2. Delivering Products with a Commitment to Strong Price Competitiveness
3. Constantly Meeting and Exceeding International Quality and Regulatory Standards
4. Demonstrating Leadership by Being Responsive and Supportive to Our Customers and Surgeons
5. Consistently Keeping Our Customers’ Patients as The Focal Point in all that we do

Guided by theses principles, Corentec is in the dynamic orthopedic market with a long-term view. We will continue on a path of contributing to a healthy and active society.

Mr. Sung Taek (Sonny) Hong
Corentec Co., Ltd. / CEO

Company Philosophy

Creative   Concentration

Progressive   Passion

Innovative   Inspiration

To become a worldwide leader of the artificial joint market through the research and development of the most desirable custom-made implant

Quality Statement

Impacting Quality and Innovation in the Medical Device Industry

Our commitment to quality and innovation is backed by Corentec’s Quality Management System (QMS), a comprehensive program that ensures that our products are manufactured using International Standards of Performance (ISO) measures. This assurance is backed by our proven QMS system , which is structured to meet and exceed ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical device) requirements. Additionally, Corentec has Intergrated Internal Quality Management (llQM) systems in place, which constantly monitor and maintain exacting quality standards.

These standards and systems not only ensure our ability to meet customer and regulatory requirements, they were developed with the belief that they are fundamentally crucial to the success of Corentec Co, Ltd. Key elements of our QMS and llQM programs include:

• A Strong Management Team That is Committed to Quality
• Recruitment and Retention of a High Caliber, Experienced, and Well-Trained Staff
• Regulated Documentation Processes, Procedures, and Controls
• A Drive for Continued Improvement in the Way in Which We Operate our Business
• Implementation of all Necessary Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Further, our Quality Management System (QMS) complies with the following international standards:
ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE Marking (MDD93/42/EEC)
Corentec Co.,Ltd. Quality Policy

Corentec’s Quality Policy is clearly defined and, is aimed at achieving the following core measurements for success:

• Satisfying Customers with a Growing Pipeline of Innovative Products
• Complying with Quality Management System Requirements
•Continuous Improvement in Our Manufacturing Processes
• Seeking Constructive Feedback from our Surgeons and Their Patients

World Wide Network

Manufacturing Plant

12, Yeongsanhong 1-gil, Ipjang-myeon, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea 331-822
Tel : 82-41-585-7114 Fax : 82-41-585-7113

Seoul office

483, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 137-810
Tel : 82-2-3445-5492~5 Fax : 82-2-3445-5467, 5497

Corentec America

60 Washington Street.Suite 202, Morristown, NJ 07960, USA
Tel : 1-862-777-8320 Fax : 1-862-777-8319

Corentec China Co., Ltd

25F 2501 The Headquarters Bd., No. 168 Xizang (M) Road, HuangPu District, Shanghai, 200001, China
Tel : 86-21-5179-8398 Fax : 86-21-5179-8618

South-East Asia

1 Glaus Haus Building Room, 902/2, Soi Sukhumvit 25, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel : +66-2-262-0651