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Corentec's Central Technology Institute was established in order for the patients to have an improved quality of life through the development of advanced medical devices and surgical techniques.
In 2006, we successfully developed the first artificial hip joint in Korea after five years' worth of research since the establishment of the company in 2000. We applied the MAO surface treatment technique for the porous oxide film formation to the artificial joint.
In 2010, we successfully developed the first artificial knee joint in Korea, thereby standing at the top of domestic artificial joint research. However, we were not satisfied with this success, so we later developed an innovative laser bio-material coating technique via 3D printing technology in 2013.
We are currently being recognized as the global technological leader. We, at Corentec's Central Technology Institute, are striving for success beyond our position as the leader of artificial joints in Korea.
Furthermore, we will continuously expand our areas of expertise through active R&D in order to become established as a global medical device leader.


Development History


Intellectual Property


Expansion of HIP products (Bencox M Stem, Bencox Mirabo Cup System)

Agreement for ATC (Advanced Technology Center) project, Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (Completion on april, 2019)

Agreement for 3D & Smart TV technology application demonstration project, national IT Industry Promotion Agency (Completion on August, 2014)

Development completion of Laser-aided biomaterial porous coating technology

Spinal Fixation System, development of the New Pedicle Screw System was completed

Agreement signed with the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy for international Common Technology Development (Completion on March, 2015)

Agreement signed with the Koerean Ministry of Health and Welfare for Future Biotechnology Development (Completion on June, 2013)

Agreement signed with the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy for International Common Technology Development on WPM Plan (Completion on March , 2019)

KFDA approved the LOSPA Clinical Test Plan

Agreement signed with the Korean Minsitry of Health and Welfare for Health Tehcnology

Agreement signed with the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy for Industrial Science & Tehcnology

Diversification of hip products

Participated in next generation technology development project (KTL). Processing of main development project (TKR and THR implant expansion of product portfolio)

Development of the LOSPA IS CAGE was completed

Agreement for Component material technology development project, Ministry of Knowledge Economy(Completion on August, 2009)

Development completion of MAO surface treatment

R&D Center expansion and relocation

R&D Center establishment

KFDA Apporvoal for Clinical paln & IRB of BENCOX Total Hip System

Combined meeting of 3 countries (Korea, Japan, Taiwan) on hip joint

AEGIS Spinal Fixation System Development Completion

Animal testing of the artificial hip joint was completed

Completed development of Corentec’s Spinal Fixation System

Commercialization Technology Award by the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology

KFDA Award by the Korea Medical Devices Industrial Coop Association

Best Technology Award by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy

Scientific Main Prize by the Korean Orthopaedic Association

First Asian Artificial Joint Company awarded with Best Paper, Otto Aufranc Award by the Hip Society in the U.S.A.

Administrator of SMBA Award by the Mechanical Component Division of the Korea Precision Industry Technology Competition

President of KHIDI Award of Excellence by the Health Industry Technology Exhibition

Domestic International
Country Title Registration Date Registration Number Product
1 Korea Fixing system for spine 2004.05.20 10-0433833 SPINE
2 Korea Fixing system for spine 2004.05.20 10-0433834 SPINE
3 Korea Fixing system for spine 2004.07.27 10-0443379 SPINE
4 Korea Cemented stem for Artificial Hip Joint 2004.11.17 10-0458638 THR
5 Korea Acetabular Cup for Artificial Hip Joint 2004.11.17 10-0458639 THR
6 Korea Cementless stem for Artificial Hip Joint 2005.01.20 10-0468866 THR
7 Korea Femoral Stem/Neck Machining Method 2006.03.24 10-0566584 THR
8 Korea Modified Broach Handle 2008.02.12 10-0804775 THR
9 Korea Surface modification method for artificial joints 2008.12.22 10-0876444 MAO
10 Korea Fabrication & Restoration method for artificial joints 2009.02.11 10-0884405 BONE Subsitute
11 Korea Curved Artificial Knee Femoral component 2009.06.01 10-0901524 TKR
12 Korea Ligament damage preventing Artificial Knee 2009.06.01 10-0901528 TKR
13 Korea A femoral stem for artificial hip joint 2009.06.15 10-0904088 THR
14 Korea Curved Artificial Knee bearing Component 2009.06.15 10-0904087 TKR
15 Korea The manufacturing method of femoral stem and rasp for order type artificial hip joint 2009.07.21 10-0909580 Custom made THR
16 Korea The design method of custom-made artificial hip joint and computer readable recording medium 2009.09.09 10-0917715 Custom made THR
17 Korea Advanced post-cam mechanism of Artificial Knee 2009.12.01 10-0930727 TKR
18 Korea Implant material by micro arc oxidation and method of manufacturing thereof 2010.04.13 10-0953959 MAO
19 Korea Interbody Spine Fusion Cage and Other Sets 2011.06.08 10-1041387 SPINE
20 Korea Spine Fusion Cage in Development 2011.06.24 10-1045652 SPINE
21 Korea A Design-Variable Extracting Method for The Design of Artificial Hip-joint andComputer readable Recording Medium Storing Program Performing The Method 2011.10.11 10-1074427 Custom made THR
22 Korea An Implant inserted body comprising Porous Coating 2012.01.17 10-1109086 Porous Coating
23 Korea An Acetabular Cup System for Artificial Hip Joint 2012.01.17 10-1109083 THR
24 Korea An bipolar Cup for Artificial Hip Joint 2012.01.17 10-1109084 THR
25 Korea An Apparatus for Fixing Cervical 2012.06.04 10-1155122 SPINE
26 Korea Artificial knee joint 2012.09.06 10-1184905 TKR
27 Korea A Rasp Handle 2013.01.04 10-1220953 THR
28 Korea Porous cage for intervertebral body fusion and the method preparing thereof 2013.01.16 10-1225006 BONE Subsitute
29 Korea The Manufacturing Method of Acetabular Cup 2013.04.01 10-1251580 Custom made THR
30 Korea Implant capable of containing physiologically active substance andthe method preparing thereof 2013.05.13 10-1265783 BONE Subsitute
31 Korea Acetabular cup and bearing and acetabular cup assembly for hip joint prosthesis 2013.5.21 10-1268106 THR
32 Korea Acetabular cup and polyethylene bearing and acetabular cup assembly for htp joint prosthesis 2013.06.20 10-1279095 THR
33 Korea An Insert for Artificial Knee Joint 2014.01.09 10-1352066 TKR
34 Korea A plate for fixing bone and A device using it 2014.01.09 10-1352069 TRAUMA
35 Korea An Acetabular cup for Artificial Hip Joint 2014.05.12 10-1396378 THR
36 Korea A Wire Supporting Plate for fixing a fractured bone 2014.05.22 10-1400790 TRAUMA
37 Korea An Universal acetabular Cup Removal System 2014.05.27 10-1402893 THR
Country Title Registration Date Registration Number Product
1 China Artificial Knee Joint Apparatus having Curvature on a Bearing Component 2013.10.31 ZL200980101725.7 TKR
2 China The femoral stem for total hip arthropathy 2008.08.27 ZL200510081090.4 THR
3 US Femoral stem for artificial coxal articulation and method for processing neck portion thereof 2007.12.25 7311735 THR