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Acetabular System

Bencox® Hybrid 7 Hole Cup.

Corentec’s acetabular system offers a wide choice of primary cups and revision cups for either total hip replacement or hemi arthroplasty. Each acetabular component is hemisphere shaped, maximizing both peripheral and polar contact. The surfaces of the company’s line of Bencox cups are treated with clinically proven plasma porous coating. Corentec’s Bencox cups and next generation delta ceramic liner provide a secure locking mechanism, along with a self-locating feature to ease liner placement. The Bencox cups can also be used with a choice of PE liners. The company’s latest, fourth-generation ceramic delta liner offers maximum wear reduction.

Design Info

  • 7 Holes for Revisions

    : Designed to fit the geometric anatomy of the pelvis.

    : Minimized and optimized hole number and position to allow the ceramic liners.

    : The two taps prevent PE liner dislocation (just like the Bencox Hybrid three-hole cup)

    : Unique locking design allows for ceramic and poly liner in one cup.

  • Proven Fixation

    Plasma-Sprayed Ti Coating

    : Rough surface for primary fixation.

    : The microporous pure titanium coating with more than 30 percent porosity leads to direct bone apposition for secondary fixation.

  • Secure Locking Mechanism

    : Cup and ceramic liner provides a secure locking mechanism while providing a self-locating feature to ease liner placement.

    : Between cup and PE liner allows for secure fixation with superior congruency for push-out, rotation and tilting.

  • Wear Reduction

    Cross linked polyethylenes and fourth generation Bencox Delta ceramic liners.

    1.Bencox Delta Liner

    : The next generation of ceramic offers high performance.

    : Extremely low wear; superior mechanical strength and improved fracture.

    2.PE Liners

    : Cross linked ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (cross linked UHMWPE).

    : Sufficient PE thickness (>6mm) for wear resistance.

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